What Are White Ink Tattoos And Do The Tattoos Fade?

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Despite black ink and color tattoos growing in popularity, some people have personal or professional reasons that prevent them from wearing these designs. Rather than forgo the experience of being tattooed at all, people who really want to have a tattoo done may be satisfied by choosing a white ink tattoo. In fact, white ink tattoos, just like their traditional counterparts, are also growing in popularity. These tattoos, as their name indicates, features the use of white ink rather than black or colored ink. However, despite their lighter appearances, these tattoos can be just as intricate, beautiful, and meaningful to the people who wear them.

Today’s white ink tattoos are applied in a similar manner as those that utilize darker ink. The artist may not stencil the outline of the tattoo; nonetheless, the graphic involves the same application and coloring as other tattoos. Once the drawing is done, the tattoo may be relatively faint in appearance. Wearers may see the faintest trace of white ink or their tattoo may look like a raised scar. Even though the end result can be very faint, people can still see the tattoo design and appreciate its placement on their bodies.

Also like traditional tattoos, white ink tattoos can have the same side effects and complications. People should make sure that they are not allergic to the ink. They also should allow their tattoos to heal fully before removing the bandage. Moreover, it has been noted that these tattoos can fade if they come into contact with some common household chemicals, such as bleach. They also should cover their tattoos when they go outdoors because the sunlight can fade white ink tattoos as well. Many people who get these designs choose to place them in safe places such as on their chests or backs.

Do White Ink Tattoos Show On Dark Skin?

These types of tattoos may be very popular; however, they are ideally suited for some skin tone types over others. In fact, it has been noted that people who have tanned or dark skin often are unsatisfied with the way their white tattoos look once they are applied. These unique drawings typically fade and are entirely unnoticeable on people who have darker skin tones. Many people who get these designs are unhappy with the way they look and believe that they have not gotten their money’s worth from their designs.

However, people who have darker skin tones can remedy this situation by having white ink injected directly into their tattoos, much the same way that colored tattoos are applied to one’s skin. This process can be more expensive and time consuming. For those who are most interested in enjoying white ink tattoos, however, this option may be worth their time and effort. If they choose to have white ink injected into their designs, people can notice their own tattoos and be assured that others can see them as well.

If people choose to avoid having the ink put in their tattoos, they may wonder what their end results will look like over the course of time. It has been noted that most people with darker skin end up with tattoos that look like raised scars, if their designs are noticeable at all. Others report not being able to see any trace of their tattoos at all. As such, it could be advisable that people with darker skin opt for traditional black ink or colored tattoos rather than those done with white ink. They may feel that they get more of worthwhile investment because they can actually see their tattoo.

Do White Ink Tattoos Glow In The Dark?

Many people believe that all white tattoos glow in the dark. It is true tattoos done with white UV ink do glow in the dark, making them very popular among people who love to go to raves or nightclubs. However, if they are done with basic, ordinary white ink, these tattoos do not glow. With that, if people want white tattoos that glow in the dark, they must ask for their designs to be done with UV ink.

In fact, white tattoos done with UV ink often resist the scarification look and raised effect found with traditional tattoos. People who get these tattoos done on their faces, necks, backs, arms, and elsewhere can live out their normal lives without their tattoos being detected by friends, relatives, or employers. However, once they step into the nightclub or rave, their UV white tattoos become noticeable. The effect can be very dramatic and artistic, both of which are highly prized among young hipsters who want to look unique among the crowd. They can show off their designs during their nighttime fun and then return to their jobs or normal lives without their tattoos being noticeable.

Because their ink jobs are not noticeable, people who like the idea of a white UV tattoo may decide to have large areas of their bodies tattooed. Some people have their entire arms or faces tattooed while others have the backs of their necks and shoulders tattooed. They can wear outfits that set off these designs while they are out enjoying themselves at a club or rave. However, when they have to go back to work the next business day, they can blend back in, knowing that their facial, neck, shoulder, and arm ink is not visible to others. Because many people today must be concerned with their professional appearances, UV ink tattoos can be ideal.

Will White Ink Tattoos Fade Over Time?

Traditional black and colored ink tattoos are known to fade over time. However, people who get white tattoos may wonder if their designs are safe from this same fading. In fact, these tattoos are still relatively new to the body art industry. However, some fading has been observed on people who have sported these ink jobs the longest. Just like their traditional counterparts, these tattoos may need to be touched up from time to time.

Even more, some activities can speed up the fading process. People who get tattoos in exposed places like their faces, arms, or hands often notice fading sooner because of exposing these places to the sun. Sunlight is known to be one of the biggest detriments to white tattoos. The UV light from the sunlight can make these designs fade rapidly, in fact.

People who repeatedly expose their tattoos household bleach, ammonia, and other household chemicals also speed up the fading process. When they clean house, people should wear long sleeves or wear gloves to care for their tattoos. If they fail to do so, their ink may fade, leaving their tattoos virtually unnoticeable. For that reason, many people who choose to get these designs often have their tattoos placed in out of the way areas, such as on their backs, their legs, ankles, and other inconspicuous locations.

People may be unable to wear black or colored tattoos because of their professional obligations. However, when they want to enjoy being tattooed, they may opt for tattoos made from white ink. They should keep these important facts in mind before they head to the tattoo parlor.

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