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Tribal Tattoos

In ancient times, tribal tattoos were used for a much different reason than they are today. In the distant past tribal tattoos were used on men to help associate them with a specific tribe. This allowed their members and their enemies to know where they stood and what they stood for. Today, tribal tattoos have taken on a drastically different meaning.

Our tribal tattoos represent a variety of different meanings. For example, you’ll find tribal tattoos that don’t necessarily look like a tribal design but have a tribal meaning. A fish or lizard on the face, for instance, is a tribal sign of strength and seriousness. Animal tattoos on your body are tribal tattoos as well. These represent strength and the belief that once you have a certain tattoo, you begin to take on the persona of that particular animal. Tribal tattoos are very personal to those who choose to use these designs as body art. For that reason, tribal tattoo designs should not be chosen without great thought and consideration.

If you’re looking to incorporate a tribal meaning into a tattoo, you’ll find many different concepts in our galleries. From animals that represent power and strength to symbols that stand for unity and power from times long past, you’ll find what you want. Even if you’re unsure what you’re looking for in terms of a tribal tattoo, you’ll find it here. Our men’s tribal tattoo gallery features numerous images of tribal tattoo designs that work on many areas of your body from your chest to your neck to your legs. You are certain to find what you need here.