Tattoo Ideas With Childrens Names For Dad?

  • Tattoo Ideas For Men With Childrens Names

Tattoos are gaining popularity among every demographic in the population. These ink designs are no longer reserved just for people who consider themselves to be deviant and on the edge of society. In fact, a growing number of parents are choosing to have their children’s names included with their tattoo designs. However, when they want to consider tattoo ideas with children’s names, parents may want to know their options before they head to the tattoo salon. Many people will find that their options are unlimited and can be anything that they imagine.

Just as when they get any other tattoo, parents may want their children’s name tattoos to reflect their personality and style. Women may want more feminine designs while men may want designs that are more masculine. Both men and women may also want to consider tattoo ideas that are gender neutral and are relatively simple in design. One of the more popular ideas used by some parents involves having their children’s names intertwined in a figure eight outline. Parents may also include their own names in this design to show their family connection.

People may also have their children’s names spelled out in tattooed building blocks. The blocks are reminiscent of the building blocks that kids play with during their childhoods. This tattoo design can be appropriate regardless of how old a person’s children are. It shows a parent’s affection for his or her children and also can reinforce this persons’ role as a parent throughout his or her life. Likewise, in reference to a growing celebrity trend, many people have their children’s birth locations tattooed on their arms. Like Angelina Jolie who has her kids’ birth place geographic coordinates tattooed on her arms, parents can also have their kids’ birth places and their names tattooed on their arms as well.

Tattoo Ideas For Men With Kid’s Names

Men often want to be more selective when they consider tattoo ideas with children’s names included. They arguably may not want flowery designs or anything that would be deemed too feminine. However, they also may not want to ink their kids’ names into a skull or crossbones. With that, men still have several unique ideas available to them. One of the more popular ideas right now with dads involves having a baby’s footprint tattooed on their arm, along with their newborn’s first name. Under the first name, the baby’s birth date may also be tattooed in the design.

Along with a footprint, dads can incorporate their kids’ names in tattoos that reflect their hobbies. For example, if a dad enjoys riding motorcycles, he may have a motorcycle tattooed on his or her body and then include his kids’ names somewhere on the cycle. This design ties together his favorite pastime, but also his commitment to being a good dad. The same approach can be used if a dad loves to fly airplanes. He can symbolically name his plane tattoo after one of his kids by having this child’s name tattooed on the plane’s wings.

Of course, dads can also tie together their love of sports into their role as fathers. If a dad plays or coaches soccer, for example, he can choose a soccer ball tattoo design and then have his kids’ names inked into the geometric patterns. Likewise, if a dad loves to play or watch basketball, he can have his kids’ names tattooed into a basketball hoop design or inked onto a basketball tattoo. These tattoo ideas with children’s names are masculine enough to help a guy avoid tattoo regret later, but also still meaningful to him as a dad.

Tattoo Ideas With Daughters Names

When it comes to honoring daughters through tattoo ideas with children’s names, many parents may consider this goal to be more of a challenge. Daughters tend to be very sensitive about how they are portrayed through any depiction, let alone a tattoo. They also may want their name tattoo to accurately reflect whom they really are. With that, parents can consider a variety of tattoo ideas with children’s names before choosing one that is right for their role as parent to their daughter. They can also choose a design that matches their daughter’s personality.

For example, if a person’s daughter is a musician, this person could have his or her daughter’s name inked into a treble clef. The clef, of course, reflects the daughter’s musical talent while the letters of her name may comprise the actual outline of the tattoo. A daughter who loves flowers can be honored with a tattoo of roses with her name inked around the outline of the design. Some parents also may simply put her first initial in each rose to show their love for their daughter.

Of course, parents who have daughters who are more tomboyish can also choose tattoo ideas that reflect these girls’ personalities. They can have sports equipment, animals, dirt bikes, or other gender neutral symbols tattooed on them, along with their daughters’ names, to demonstrate their children’s personalities. The fact that their children are daughters does not relegate parents into choosing ideas that are strictly feminine. Many parents love to show their devotion and pride by having their children’s names tattooed somewhere on their bodies. They can consider a variety of ideas that demonstrate their role as parents and also pay the appropriate amount of honor and love for their kids.

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