What Are The Best Tattoo Cover Up Ideas?

  • Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Tattoos are sometimes more than an artistic expression of a person’s beliefs, style, and personality. They can also be used to cover up parts of the body that a person feels self conscious about and may be reluctant to display. If a person has a surgical scar, scarring from an accident, or even another tattoo that was botched or has faded over time, he or she may choose to have a cover up tattoo placed over that area. When people consider what they can use for a good cover up tattoo, however, they may need a few unique ideas.

The kinds of cover up tattoo ideas a person can consider, however, may depend on big of an area with which the person has to work. If the area is broad and spacious, this person can consider virtually any idea that comes to mind. Many people have large spaces covered with vines, trees, flowers, or portraits of their favorite pop culture icons. These ideas can cover up the entire area and also be done with enough artistic precision so that others can clearly tell what the tattoo design is.

However, if the area is rather small, such as on a person’s hand or finger, people may need to consider other ideas that would make good use of the space. Some people have words or quotes tattooed in small cover up spaces while others may have a line of stars or small flowers inked there. Ideally, people should choose ideas that they feel comfortable with and that accurately express their artistic style. If they cannot conjure up any ideas on their own, they can always ask the tattoo artist for input before the ink job begins. These tips also help people feel confident about their cover up tattoos for years to come.

Good Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Wrist Tattoos?

The wrists are one of the more popular places on the body to tattoo. People who want to cover up some imperfection on their wrist may wonder what kinds of wrist tattoo cover up ideas are most popular today, however. Before they choose the design that ultimately is best for them, they can consider some of the more popular images out there today. Many people choose tattoos designs that fit the limited space on the wrist well, but also reflects their personal styles well.

Because the wrists are such a small area to cover, many people choose tattoo cover up ideas that can be clearly seen and appreciated once the work is done. Women often select delicate patterns like ribbons, flowers, stars, butterflies, or birds while men choose wording like “Carpe Diem,” “ Born to be Wild,” or other common quotes. These ideas do not require extensive space that ideally would be found on a person’s back, stomach, or legs. People who select wording, ribbons, flowers, and other images can enjoy knowing that their tattoo should turn out just exactly as they would prefer because they have chosen a space appropriate ink design.

When people choose one of these smaller designs, they are also helping out their tattoo artist. The artist understandably wants the final result to look appealing and well defined. If people choose images that are too big to fit in such a small area, the tattoo may look crowded or even look like something entirely different than what the person wanted. Quotes, small stars, flowers, and other more delicate designs can be done easily in the confined spaces of the wrists, letting the tattoo artist work confidently and comfortably, and also ensuring that both the artist and the client will be happy with the final product.

Some Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Name Tattoos?

People who have the name of their beloved tattooed on their arms, necks, chests, stomachs, legs, or elsewhere may never imagine at the time that they may regret that tattoo later. However, if they want to have the person’s name covered up, people not know what tattoo cover up ideas can actually conceal that initial image. Even having the name removed with laser surgery can leave enough of a trace that people may still be able to see the faint outline of the name. Rather than leave any evidence behind, people who want to cover up a tattooed name on their bodies can use these ideas instead.

If the tattooed name covers a large area, an image like a flag or eagle in flight may be expansive enough to cover up the initial tattoo. In fact, men often have larger images like unfurled flags, eagles, hawks, and even comic book heroes inked over the name of their former romantic interest. The key to choosing such an image, however, requires that a person choose an idea that utilizes both the available space and the underlying design in the name. For example, if the name was spelled out with calligraphy, the curving design of the former tattoo can be used to create new images like branches, flowers, or even music clefts.

Women may choose ideas that are feminine and also demonstrate their resolve to move on with their lives after the break-up. Some women have angel wings tattooed over the lettering or have the images of their children tattooed in areas where the lettering once stood. It is important that the new tattoo design blends into the former tattoo so that the end result does not look odd or out of place. Ideally, people should not be able to spot the underlying name tattoo at all once the ink work is done.

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