Skull Tattoos For Men

Skull Tattoos For Men 2017-05-12T20:38:57+00:00

People are becoming more inventive when it comes to selecting places for tattoos on their bodies. Along with getting their arms, necks, backs, and stomachs tattooed, more men are choosing to shave their heads and get skull tattoos for men. Skull tattoos are often considered the ultimate expression of personality and style in the tattoo industry. However, given their permanence, these images should be chosen with care.

Men who want to get skull tattoos would do well to make sure their designs fit their scalps sufficiently. If they plan to get wording, for example, they want to make sure that there is enough space on their heads to complete the image. They also want to make sure that their wording can be clearly viewed and read by others. With that, many men consider images that look appealing despite the shape and size of a person’s head. Some people get creative and have animals prints like cheetah spots tattooed on their skulls. Others have intricate tattoo designs like vines, flowers, dragons, or even barbwire inked on their scalps.

Of course, some guys may not want their entire skulls tattooed, but rather just have a small portion of their heads inked. They may choose a small image like a cross or a pair of cat eyes tattooed on the backs of their skulls. They also may have a small Bible passage or Latin saying tattooed behind their ears. The ideas for skull tattoos can be as varied and intricate as a person chooses, just as when choosing any other tattoo design for other parts of the person’s body.

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