Owl Tattoos For Men

Owl Tattoos For Men 2017-05-12T20:35:10+00:00

Tattoos of animals have been popular for years. People commonly get animals like cougars, cats, dogs, tigers, snakes, and other creatures tattooed on them. However, an animal that is growing in popularity in the ink industry is the owl. Owls are elegant, beautiful, and mysterious birds that only come out at nighttime to fly and hunt. People who are captivated by these animals’ mystique and beauty may choose to have owl tattoos inked on them to show their appreciation and enjoyment of this bird.

Tattoos of owls also can have significant meaning for people who wear them. If a person is a bit of night owl, so to speak, he or she may identify with this bird. The tattoo shows the world that this person is a night person and is more keen to his or her surroundings after the sun has gone down for the evening.

Owls are also thought to be highly intelligent creatures. In cartoons, they are often depicted as professors or learned animals that guide and teach the other woodland creatures. People who think of themselves as smart, clever, and a natural leader may likewise identify with this bird and want to have its likeness tattooed on them.

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