Money Tattoos For Men

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Tattoos of money, in either realistic or highly exaggerated form, are becoming one of the newest trends in the inking industry. In fact, money tattoos for men are now viewed by many as a symbol of street cred or willpower to become successful and financially lucrative. These designs often go way beyond a picture of a flat dollar bill or a boring drawing of a coin. Tattoos of money can be as creative and expressive as a person desires and lets this individual use his or her imagination to come up with the perfect idea for the tattoo.

Some people choose designs that show exaggerated and skewed faces of the presidents or statesmen on the bills. A $100 bill drawing may show Benjamin Franklin sporting a menacing grin or show his face as a skeleton. Another popular idea includes transforming the presidents on the bill into hip hop icons, complete with a kerchief, sunglasses, and smoking a cigarello.

Other ideas for these tattoos involve placing the money with other meaningful objects, such as a pair of pistols, a pitbull dog, or flames. These symbols may reflect a person’s desire and drive to become rich and famous, even at all costs. These designs may also refer to the manner in which a person may achieve his or her riches

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