What Are Some Good Tattoo Ideas?

  • Good Tattoo Ideas

You may have put a great deal of thought into your decision to get a tattoo. Along with actually deciding to get inked, however, you also may have put a lot of thought into what kind of picture or design you want to have tattooed on your body. Picking among the many good tattoo ideas can be a challenge, particularly if you like a number of different ideas, but can only afford to have one or two applied right now. Before you head to the tattoo business, you can choose a design that is right for you by keeping some important tips in mind.

You probably already appreciate the permanency that comes with being tattooed. When you want your tattoo to be as appealing and relevant as it is today, you may consider good tattoo ideas that are timeless or classic. A trend like a popular cartoon or quote may carry a lot of weight today; however, in a few years, your tattoo may seem out of place, if not comical. When you want to show off your tattoo with pride today and in the future, you may be well advised to choose an idea that has long lasting appeal.

However, it can be equally as challenging to know what quotes, pictures, famous people, and other ideas will have long lasting appeal. If you genuinely cannot determine which ideas are good and which ones perhaps should be avoided, you may be convinced to discuss your ideas with the tattoo artist. The artist can give you some insight about your design ideas and also give you an honest opinion about whether or not your ink will be relevant and appealing in the coming months and years. Many tattoo parlors also have tattoo picture galleries that you can look at before you get your tattoo. If you cannot decide what to get inked on your body, you may choose a picture from this gallery.

What Are Some Good Tattoo Ideas For Men?

As you are looking at pictures and considering good tattoo ideas, you will discover that men’s tattoos are often notably different than those chosen by women. Women tend to choose feminine designs like roses, flowers, angels, or butterflies. Men, on the other hand, often want tattoos that will play up their masculinity and outlook on life.

When you want a design that is clearly masculine, you may consider some of the more popular graphics that include skulls, firearms, or even dog tags if you have served in the military. Other designs that have proven popular with men who get tattoos include snakes, flames, barb wire, or lightning bolts. These graphics typically are intended to show strength, determination, and courage.

However, if you would prefer to have words tattooed on your body rather than pictures, you may wonder what quotes will be relevant in the future as they are today. Many guys choose religious passages that reflect their personal beliefs or lifestyles. You also could choose movie quotes from iconic films. Favorite quotes from movies include “Make my day” or “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

Along with graphics and quotes, more men are also choosing sentimental tattoos. A growing number of men are having their children’s birth dates tattooed on their arms or having infant footprints tattooed on their backs or chests. These images refer to these men’s statuses as fathers. Of course, men having the names of their girlfriends or wives emblazoned on their bodies also has a long-standing tradition in tattoo industry. If you are confident that you are in a solid relationship that will endure the test of time, you may also be convinced to have your significant other’s name tattooed somewhere on your body.

What Are Some Meaningful Tattoo Ideas?

Along with your children’s birth dates or your significant other’s name, you may also want to consider other meaningful ideas before you head to the tattoo parlor. It is a well-known fact that tattoos can be an effective way to memorialize someone you love. In fact, many people who have lost loved ones choose to have these individuals’ names, their birth dates, and the day that they died tattooed on them. Others have actual pictures of their lost relatives and friends inked on their bodies. These memorials can be as simple or as detailed as you choose. If you do not want to have a picture of the person drawn on you, you could opt for a cross, a dove, or a flower, along with the person’s name for the memorial tattoo.

Memorials for lost loved ones are among some of the more meaningful and good tattoo ideas. However, you may want a tattoo that reflects your religious affiliation. If you are an active follower of your religion, you may want to have a visual reminder to help you resist temptation or to provide you with strength as you live each day. With that, you may have passages from your favorite chapters tattooed on your forearm or hand. You could also have rosary beads tattooed around your wrist or fingers.

In fact, some people choose to have entire wedding rings or wedding bands tattooed around their fingers. This idea could be perfect for you if you are active and are afraid to lose your ring down the drain or out in a field somewhere. Rather than wear a metal ring that could get caught and cause you to lose your finger, you may have a reminder of your marriage vows tattooed on your finger instead.

Choosing the ideal tattoo can be a challenge if you want your design to be meaningful and to reflect the person you really are. It may not be enough to choose a contemporary design that is relevant just for today. When you want your design to have long lasting appeal and meaning, you may be persuaded to choose good tattoo ideas that feature classic designs, timeless meanings, or personal value for you and for those loved ones and friends in your life.

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