Feather Tattoos For Men

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In terms of art, feathers are usually symbolic of spiritual cleansing and searching. In fact, in Native American cultures, feathers are used in ceremonies that cleanse people or geographical locations. They also are used to depict strength and leadership. When people want feather tattoos for men, they may choose these designs to show their own spirituality or their personal strength. They also may simply choose this tattoo idea to show that they are Native American or belong to a certain tribe.

A single feather tattoo can be placed on even the smallest parts of the body. For example, it can fit the length of a person’s inner arm or also be placed on a person’s shoulder or neck. Given its shape, it also makes for a great tattoo to place on the side of a person’s abdomen. Because it is long and slender in shape, it can fit ideally on most places without looking cramped or crowded.

Feathers also may depict a person’s restless spirit. They blow in the wind and land in faraway places, which may appeal to people who are daydreamers or hope to someday leave where they are currently living. People can color in their tattoos of feathers to make them look more dimensional and realisitic.

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