Dragon Tattoos For Men

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Dragons throughout history have been symbols of power, strength, and dominance. The Vikings carved the figures of dragons into their ships’ masts while the Chinese and Japanese cultures both incorporated dragons into their traditions and spiritual beliefs. Because more people want to connect to their heritage or at least connect to something more tangible and meaningful from the past, many individuals find the idea of wearing dragon tattoos to be appealing. If you are considering dragon tattoos for yourself, you may decide better by knowing what meaning these tattoos have behind them.

A feminine tattoo of a dragon typically symbolizes power through fertility and procreation. Women are the bearers of life and therefore have a power that eludes men. The form of a dragon also contours a woman’s curves and can accent her feminine figure to highlight her allure and beauty.

Men may wear tattoos of dragons to demonstrate their power, determination, and strength as husbands, fathers, and members of society. These tattoos may feature blazing eyes and flashing tongues, showing that the dragon wearer is ready to meet any challenge. Some say that these tattoos also symbolize wisdom and knowledge, qualities that make men in today’s society great leaders for their families and in their workplace.

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