Butterfly Tattoos For Men

Butterfly Tattoos For Men 2017-05-12T19:36:38+00:00

Tattoos that depict butterflies are in many cases worn by women. In fact, butterfly tattoos are generally seen as very artistic and feminine, qualities that most men tattoo fans do not prefer as they consider their own tattoo designs. Nonetheless, butterfly designs continue to be popular with both men and women because they can be inked beautifully anywhere on the body. Many women like to wear these tattoos in their feet or ankles because the design makes this part of their body look delicate and even more appealing. Most men prefer the chest, arms or back when getting a butterfly tattoo.

In fact, butterflies can make for an ideal tattoo design choice because these creatures are dainty, beautiful, yet free spirited. Many people also see them as symbols of overcoming adversity and risk, being that they mature from an unsightly and vulnerable caterpillar into their beautiful butterfly form. Women who may at one time have been awkward or even unappealing in their younger appearances may choose a butterfly tattoo when they mature and grow into more beautiful young ladies.

Along with representing free spiritedness and beauty, butterflies in ink form can also represent the loss and remembrance of a loved one who has passed. People can ink the person’s name and date of birth or death under or near their butterfly tattoo. In this case, the butterfly may represent the flying away of the deceased person’s soul to Heaven.

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