Angel Tattoos For Men

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The appeal of angel tattoos goes beyond any religious affiliation or particular religious belief. People who believe in angels often view these beings as signs of hope, peace, and eternity. With that, when they want to include this level of optimism in their own lives, they may choose to get a tattoo of an angel. Because no one knows for sure what an angel precisely looks like, people are also free to use their imaginations when coming up with their own designs.

Many people choose the Biblical representation of an angel, complete with large wings, a long gown, flowing hair, and perhaps even a halo above the angel’s head. Even more, tattoos of angels may depict these beings as female. However, Roman Catholics often understand angels to be male and thus may choose depictions of the archangel Michael or Gabriel. These angels are more war-like and often carry with them swords or staffs that they use to crush their enemies.

The most popular place on the body to get this kind of tattoo is often the arm or shoulder. Some people go further by having the likeness of an angel tattooed on their backs. These tattoos can be made more appealing and realistic by having them filled with colored ink.

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