Anchor Tattoos For Men

Anchor Tattoos For Men 2017-05-12T19:28:11+00:00

People who want to get inked may choose anchor tattoos for a variety of reasons. An anchor tattoo most commonly is viewed as symbolic of strength and endurance, referring of course to an anchor helping a ship stay stable in turbulent waters. However, while symbolizing these qualities, an anchor tattoo also may have religious meanings as well. In fact, because the outline of an anchor looks like a cross, many people wear it to symbolize Christ’s crucifixion or their Christian faith.

Along with noting Christian faith, a tattoo of an anchor can also refer to Greek or Roman mythology. Triton, for example, is the Greek god of the sea who is half-man, half-fish. This design can also refer to Poseidon, another Greek sea god who uses a pitchfork to maintain dominion over sea creatures. Roman mythology can be reflected with an anchor, with Neptune being the Roman god of the sea who creates storms and shakes the earth.

However, many people who bear this tattoo design have chosen it to refer to their occupation or passion for sea-related activities. Sailors, fishermen, boat racing enthusiasts and more may find that this design accurately reflects their lifestyles, their occupations, and their personalities.

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