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If you know a lot and even if you know next to nothing about tattoos, you might not know that tattoos are two dimensional. This means that tattoos are flat. They are a flat surface against a three dimensional surface, which is your skin. Tattoos are 2D because they are flat; it’s a simple as that. Three dimensional items appear to come out at you. Take a 3D movie, for example. The people and items in the movie are specially created to appear as though they are coming out of the screen in front of you. They have dimensions aside from being flat. This is what a 3D tattoo is. It is a tattoo that is designed in such as way that it looks as though it’s coming off of your skin and off of your body. The ability to create something so detailed and specific is a talent not every tattoo artist has learned just yet, or even possesses.

Three dimensional tattoos are increasingly popular all over the world. Rather than the flat, boring tattoo of the past, many men and women have begun requesting tattoos that appear to jump off of their bodies. These tattoos are highly skilled and take a significant amount of additional time to create. Not all tattoo artists have the ability to give a tattoo a 3D effect, which is why people will look far and wide to find an artist who can give them their dream 3D tattoo. Using light and shadowing tricks to help make images on your skin appear to pop out of your body, tattoo artists with the ability to create three dimensional tattoos are in high demand across the country. If you’re looking to have a 3D tattoo placed somewhere on your body, you might not be able to find someone in your own city or town who has the skill to do this for you.

How Are 3D Tattoos Different From Regular Tattoos?

Three dimensional tattoos are very different from regular tattoos. While a regular tattoo appears to look just like a drawing on your skin, a 3D tattoo looks like an image or creation that’s sitting atop your skin. It is designed to look as if it has sides, a back side, and a front. It is not flat. Additionally, 3D tattoos must use color and light. While many tattoos are just black and skin, 3D tattoos have to have plenty of color so that the tattoo artists can add dimension to the tattoo. Without dimension, you cannot have a 3D image. The added third dimension in a 3D tattoo tricks a person’s eye into believing that one object is closer than the object on which it appears.

This is thanks to careful placement of light and shadow. Without both light and shadow, a tattoo cannot appear three dimensional. Three dimensional tattoos are not something that has been around for a very long time. While the use of shadow in tattoo art has been around for a few decades, three dimensional tattoos are still fairly new and that’s why many tattoo artists do not have the skills or know-how to create these looks. In addition to shadow and light effects, tattoo artists use blurring to create a three dimensional affect on tattoos. This added effort helps make tattoos appear even more noticeable and three dimensional.

Do Most Tattoo Shops Do 3D Tattoos?

If you’re looking for a 3D tattoo, you might assume you can get one just anywhere. However, this is not necessarily true. While it is true that many tattoo shops do have the ability to do this kind of tattoo art, many don’t. It depends largely on where you live and what kind of community it is you reside. For example, if you live in an older community in which the tattoo artists have been around for decades, you might not be able to find one who can do 3D tattoos because they haven’t learned the art of creating the look just yet.

If you live in a bigger city with lots of younger tattoo artists, you might have a better chance of finding someone who can create a 3D tattoo. Why? Because younger generations are more up-to-date and willing to learn new things, whereas many older generations have been using the same techniques for decades and they might not want to learn anything new.

Before you go into a tattoo parlor looking for a 3D tattoo, do your research. Ask friends with tattoos if they have any recommendations. Ask a highly reputable local tattoo artist that doesn’t do 3D tattoos if he or she can recommend someone who does. Even if a tattoo artist doesn’t offer 3D tattoo choices, he or she very likely knows of several good tattoo artists who do have the know-how and talent to do so. Recommendations and word of mouth are a great way to find a local tattoo artist with the ability and skill to provide you with a stellar three dimensional tattoo.

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